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Scout Troop

Welcome to the Mandinari River Lodge Scouts Troop, this story is about a partnership between the members of the lodge and the creation of the village scout troop.

The owner Mike Gould came through the Scout movement and eventually became a leader with a local troop in the UK

In the first 2 years of visiting Gambia, Mike was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm from the youth of Mandinari Village in wanting to learn new skills.


Mandinari scout troop

supporters of the River Lodge before the Scout Troop

Mandinari scout troop

A very impressive formation from the group

Mandinari village scout troop

There are well over 25 members of both boys and girls.

Mandinari scout troop

Team work and fitness is a big part of the scouts working ethic.

Mandinari scout troop

Marching Band working hard with limited instruments.

Seeing the eagerness to learn we first organised a youth foundation, anyone wanting to learn new skills were welcome.

With the older villagers developing at a fantastic rate it was the perfect time to bring on the younger people and set up a troop that could follow the teachings of the World Scout Movement.

Mandinari River Lodge
The Gambia
Tel: (00220) 3219363
       (00220) 7794555
Uk Office: +449007886393600



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