Life in Gambia

We are a family run business which has worked in partnership with some very special people from the Village.

Our aim is to give our guests a real taste of what life is like in Western Africa. You can get involved, (if you wish), with the people who live in the village or one of the many projects in and around our land. 


Monkey feeding Island tour
Riverlodge Bike hire
Fishing & boat trips daily
Camp fire most Nights
Dec - Apr, camp fire most nights
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Virtually everything at Mandinari River Lodge is accessable to our guests, it is run in a very open fashion and if we don't have what you need, you only have to ask  

Tight lines & big Teeth !!
They know feeding time
At one with the River
Quiet roads on North bank
weaver birds on site
Creek tour with Solar engine
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Along with your choice of how to spend your days at the River Lodge, we have a 12 seater minibus as transport to and from the Airport or Coastal area, we do regular trips to Banks, Big Supermarkets and general shopping.

For your enjoyment we have Mountain bikes for hire, Fishing rods and tackle, along with our very own fruit & veg gardens (pick whats in season).

Things to do in and around the River Lodge, we can arrange Pottery courses, Throw net fishing, Tiger prawn fishing, Trips to the coast for Golf and Sport activities or off to an unspoilt beach for quite relaxing.

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Some of the sights out and about in Gambia, just let us know what you want to see and do, and we will do are upmost to make it happen.