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"Come and join us for a real taste of Africa, off the beaten path, surrounded by the natural beauty of The Gambia. A place you will never forget."
Paula Gould-Owner
Mandinari Village


The river lodge located in Mandinari village, 15 mins from the airport and around 35 mins from the Tourist Coastal area. The village has the creek mangroves on one side and River Gambia on the other. The Lodge is very laid back and welcoming.

We are in the heart of the Tambi Wetlands Nature Reserve. There is a small local market in the Village and a Minimarket on site, everything else is easily accessible by foot, or river boat.

Mandinari River Lodge
The Gambia
Tel: (00220) 3219363
       (00220) 7794555
Uk Office: +44(0)7886393600



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