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With our location being right on the mangroves and our Oyster lake and beach area you can fish the way that suits you, boat, on the beach, on the jetty, with rod or throw net. 

Common Fish species include Ladyfish, Snappers, Barracuda and My favourite Butterfish, "grilled of course".

For those who wish to get on the river, our local fishermen have all the knowledge you will need to negotiate the mangrove waterways and hopefully catch some whoppers.

We have both 4/6 seater wooden and glassfibre boats with both petrol and solar outboard engines.


What can I say about Gambia and bird watching!! One of the top location in the world, and as for the species, you guys will know far more than I ever will.

Back in 2014 we linked with Bird Life Africa tour company, their guides surveyed the site and with having a freshwater lake and the riverside, they logged over 190 species, that number can go up and down throughout the seasons. We are located in the heart of the Tambi Wetlands Reserve, only 15 mins from Abuko wildlife park, and access to both waterways and forest from the site. 

We can now offer a fully trained guide, 12 seat mini bus and one of our river boats with solar engine (extremly quite) for a truely bespoke experience.



We operate guided nature walks from the lodge, so you can see upwards of 10,000 different plant species. There is an abundance of things to see within the lodge and surrounding country side.


The Vegetable gardens that are worked by the villagers are amazing, they sit all around the lodge and can be easily accessed by foot or bike.

There is really plenty to see and do in and around the Tambi wetlands, we can either supply you with a guide or you can go off and explore one of our pre-planned routes, the choice is yours.


You will be pretty much free to do whatever you wish on our site, however we do have a few regular tours and events, these include, Feeding at Monkey island. Lazy creek tours, visiting a number of other sites of interest around the waterways, spend the day on the North bank or travel up river and see Gambia as it was 100 years back. 

On site we have regular organised events, BBQ nights. Camp fire evenings. Local music and dance nights, and of course our resident Scout Troop daytime and evening programs.

Just ask and you shall enjoy.


Mandinari River Lodge
The Gambia
Tel: (00220) 3219363
       (00220) 7794555
Uk Office: +44(0)7886393600



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