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Opening Soon,
The following is a picture diary of the construction for the Black Pearl seafood restaurant

Finally, Gardens finished along with the very impressive Lodges, we got back to the Black Pearl, "it only took 9 Years" Shaun Crowley like many others, came to Gambia on a working holiday, his profession as a painter was a perfect catalyst to start things going again.

After working with all boys Shaun finally picks his Crew. Unlike many things in Africa, it's amazing how well the building has stood the test of time ( I give massive credit to the designer "myself" )!!!!

Super structure done, materials still a problem, Gambia has no gravel !! and the cement is not that strong either. My site manager Papa Ed had to return to Canada, and like all unique projects it is very difficult to transfer the pictures from your head to the workers on site. Unfortunately work stopped 6 months later!

After 2 years getting approvals from Environment and Wildlife Agencies, work finally started in 2004. My research on constructing a boat from concrete was playing havoc with the contractor, but I was convinced my design would stand the test of time.

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