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Like many projects at the River Lodge, we have tried to construct things with as many natural and sustainable material as possible, this takes many, many years to both learn about the materials and train our resident staff the skill level to rival or beat that of any European Tradesman.


Very few things in Gambia can be bought "off the shelf", if you want wood "buy a tree", Bricks "Dig the mud and mix it". For our Utilities we use solar panels for power, a well with a pump for water, waste is treated in our own plant . For those things you are not able to make, they have to be shipped from UK or Europe, and even then, the climate can destroy them in a short period of time.

Whether you come to Gambia to relax, see what Africa is all about, or to Teach and be Taught (see special offer for workers on Visit Us page), one thing is for sure, the experience and memories will stay with you FOREVER !!

Here are some of mine and those of our guests.

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