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The Troop had no permanent place to hold Scout meetings, so along with Noah the Leader we set about creating their very own Scout Headquaters. the building is now 95% completed, we just need to fill it with anything you may have to give these young people, EQUIPMENT & KNOWLEDGE.



Like most charitable organisations funds are tight. The River Lodge has supported Noah and his troop over the years with, building headquaters and supplying the uniforms however, they are desperate for equipment, we supplied some in the early days, with Icelandic tents and bedding but the climate is very harsh and things do not last as you would hope.

As you can see with the Marching Band photos, Penny whistles, Recorders and an old drum kit were all we could get our hands on.

They do not need new and modern equipment, Good old stuff is perfect, ex-military is even better, I am in Bristol UK and can collect any items you may have, I ship twice a year and have store rooms here and in Gambia.

If you can help fantastic, all benefits will be posted on this site and photos will be updated regularly.

Many Thanks Mike, +447886 393600.


The scouts are always eager to show off there programs, especially if there is a camp fire and food at the end of it.

Most of the songs are in English but there own language sounds more musical !!

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